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Dr Andrew Klein

Dr Andrew Klein is a Consultant Anaesthetist working at Royal Papworth Hospital and the Nuffield Hospital in Cambridge with a special interest in Iron Deficiency Anaemia. He is conducting research into the use of intravenous iron to treat iron deficiency in different patient groups.

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Dr Andrew Klein - Cambridge Iron and B12
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Globally, anaemia affects 1.6 billion people (25% of the world’s population) and is more common in women, especially during and after pregnancy and associated with heavy periods. It is also more common in people with a vegetarian or vegan diet and in athletes.

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Iron Deficiency

Iron deficiency is the most common nutrient disorder in the world and the most common cause of anaemia worldwide.

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B12 Deficiency

B12 deficiency is also known as Pernicious Anaemia. B12 deficiency and Pernicious Anaemia are one and the same thing. Patients are rarely anaemic as such but the symptoms come from the low levels of B12.

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  • Avatar Joanne Williams ★★★★★ in the last week
    After years of fighting for the correct treatment of my B12, i listened to the podcast Dr Klein had done and I got in touch with the Iron Clinic immediately. After a few emails and looking at my blood results I booked in for my iron infusion. … More I am now 6 weeks in and now doing my own B12 after the guidance from Dr Klein. All I can say is thank you for saving my life. I am already this early on feeling the benefit and can’t recommend Dr Klein enough. You really are the most knowledgable and compassionate Dr I have ever had care for me and I’m so glad I found you.
  • Avatar abi smith ★★★★★ a week ago
    Dr Klein is the first doctor I have spoken to who really ‘gets’ it. Since seeing him, I feel like I’m getting my life back. I’ve even started gentle jogging. I could not have contemplated that a couple of months ago. Thank-you Dr Klein! … More
  • Avatar Becca Handley ★★★★★ a week ago
    My iron infusion with Dr Klein has significantly changed my life for the better. I have more energy, no more dizzy spells and blurry vision and feel more happy in myself. The care I recieved from Dr Klein and his nurses was first rate and … More I have no hesitation recommending this clinic.
  • Avatar Sue kiltie ★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
    I have been suffering from long Covid for two years. My level of fatigue, muscle weakness and breathlessness kept me at home most of the time. I had other symptoms such as brain fog, tinnitus, headaches, balance issues, and blurred vision.Through … More a chance meeting I heard about Dr Klein and the Cambidge Iron Clinic. I was able to make an appointment in April this year, after sending Dr Klein my blood test results. At the appointment, I had a ferritin infusion and learned how to do my own vitamin B12 injections. Almost immediately, I had an increase in my level of energy and after several weeks, my breathlessness reduced. I now have days when I feel almost 'normal'. I cannot thank Dr Klein enough. He is easy to contact and always responds quickly to emails. He was very kind and patient at my consultation and answered all my questions. I have just had an online consultation to discuss my progress. I know Dr Klein will always be there if I need to talk to him, but we are both confident that my ongoing weekly B12, then fortnightly and monthly B12 injections will eventually see me making a full recovery. I feel like a different person to the way i felt in the first three months of 2024. Thank you Dr Klein.
  • Avatar Claire Metcalfe ★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
    Absolutely life-changing, and completely worth the money. Dr Klein and his nurse are both lovely and very professional, and absolutely get it. The NHS said I was fine with a ferritin level of 18, but only looking back now do I realise how … More awful I felt constantly. The iron infusion I had at the Cambridge Iron Clinic was sorted out within a week, and it’s given me my life back. I only wish I’d known what was wrong and discovered Dr Klein sooner. If I ever need one again, I won’t hesitate to return. Thank you Dr Klein!
  • Avatar Jo Parsons ★★★★★ a month ago
    Excellent care and support.I honestly can’t thank Dr Klein enough for taking the time to see me so promptly, explain to me and my husband what is going on in my body and supporting me with my recovery. He was honest and managed my expectations.Highly … More recommend anyone contact him if they feel he maybe able to help them. If he can’t he will tell you.Many thanks.
  • Avatar A. Jackson ★★★★★ a month ago
    Dr Klein got me on the right treatment and diagnosis after 8 years of ‘mystery’ illness, which had left me in a wheelchair and signed off work. Within a few days of treatment I could walk again and within a month I had returned to work. … More Now a few months on I feel stronger and healthier than I have in many years. I have no qualms in saying Dr Klein saved my life. He has been kind and responsive throughout the process and it has been great to be able to rely on and trust in a doctor again. I would recommend the Cambridge Iron Clinic to anyone with iron and/or B12 deficiency.
  • Avatar Jennyfer Jay ★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
    I contacted Dr Klein after 10 years of my low iron being ignored by the GP. I was extremely ill, only sleeping 2 hours a night, unable to concentrate on anything, awful brain fog, a permanent headache every single day, dizzy/weak and always … More exhausted, and my skin was grey...When I spoke to Dr Klein on the phone he was very empathetic, and where every other doctor had said I was fine (or wrote me off as depressed), he said, "Wow, your ferritin is 9... you must be feeling very unwell..." It was such a relief to be finally taken seriously. He also told me low iron is not my fault and nothing to do with me being vegan (which people had been telling me throughout my life).The procedure itself was super quick and easy - I didn't even feel him putting the needle in, and was in and out in no time.Three months on from my iron infusion and I feel totally back to normal health, and my ferritin has raised from 9 to 431! I was worried about spending so much money, but I'm very glad I did, and will definitely be back if/when my iron levels get low again.
  • Avatar Dean Philpin ★★★★★ 4 weeks ago
    I contacted Dr Klein three months after having severe pins and needles, numbness, fatigue and difficulty swallowing to list a few symptoms. This was following being diagnosed with very low b12 and folate, and receiving four b12 injections … More on the NHS. I contacted Dr Klein in New Year’s Day when I realised I would not be fit to work in the new year. Dr Klein provided me with instant assurance and I arranged to travel to Cambridge (some 6 hour plus journey) so we could have a face to face consultation and to come up with a treatment plan. 3 months later I returned to work and continue to make good progress. Without the advice of Dr Klein I’m not sure where I would be now. I continue to monitor levels (through private blood tests) seeking advice from Dr Klein each time.I’ve had MRI scans which show everything is normal, and Dr Klein was 100% correct with his diagnosis where other DoctorsI saw just didn’t understand.Thank you for the good work you are doing for all B12 Deficiency sufferers.
  • Avatar Anna Hastie ★★★★★ a month ago
    After suffering with low serum ferritin levels (even after taking every iron supplement known to man), I decided to pay privately for an iron infusion. Dr Klein and his team were very approachable and informative, as I travelled down from … More Newcastle to have the procedure.The treatment itself is very straightforward and doesn't take long, but Dr Klein took extra time to explain possible causes of my iron deficiency and how it potentially linked to my hypothyroidism.After having serum ferritin of 6-20 for 10 years, my recent blood test showed I'm now 255, it takes about 6 weeks for everything to start working but I have definatley noticed an increase in my energy levels, and a decrease in breathlessness, headaches, brain fog and fatigue.If/when my levels drop again I will be returning to the Cambridge Iron clinic. I'd happily recommend this treatment to friends, family or anyone suffering with anemia.
  • Avatar divya semwal ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Dr Klein is a very kind and competent doctor. I have been having issues with iron deficiency since many years. My main complaints were fatigue, weakness, hair fall etc but after a month of the infusion I have seen great results in all these … More areas. Furthermore, he is always there to guide and help with any further queries. I wish him all the best and would surely recommend him highly.
  • Avatar Alison Bell ★★★★★ a month ago
    I’ve been to see Dr Klein at the Cambridge Iron Clinic (based within the Nuffield Hospital Cambridge) two times now, and as much as I hate that I have issues with both iron and B12 deficiency, the visits have been a pleasure.The first intravenous … More iron infusion I had in March 2023 was slightly daunting for me, but Dr Klein and the nurse immediately put me at ease, and when I came back for another infusion in February 2024 (most won’t have to come as often – I just have issues hanging onto iron!) I found it to be an absolute breeze.As well as helping me with iron infusions, Dr Klein also taught me how to self-inject B12, and so I now do this at home roughly once a fortnight. The difference to my overall wellbeing has been immense, and the improvements in my health mean that I have been able to overcome some work-related sickness issues and really get myself “out of the woods”.If you’re reading this, you probably already know that the NHS isn’t great around iron deficiency, and that the tablets they prescribe generally don’t work – Dr Klein’s treatment really does and, if you have the means to do so, I would really recommend booking in. (These are strong words from a person who lives up near Newcastle and has now travelled to the Cambridge clinic twice!)Thank you Dr Klein!
  • Avatar Jane Coleman ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    Dr Klein at Cambridge Iron Clinic has been wonderful over the past 6 months - he diagnosed my deficiencies promptly, put treatment into place swiftly and has offered advice and support throughout my recovery. I owe the huge improvement … More in my mental and physical health to Dr Klein and his team. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend others with b12 and/or iron issues to contact Cambridge Iron Clinic.
  • Avatar Clare Axon-Saunders ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    Dr Klein has been superb, I really cannot praise him more highly. From the moment I contacted him, he responded quickly and helpfully. He goes above and beyond to help his patients, nothing ever feels too much trouble. Highly recommend! … More
  • Avatar Leighton Gilligan ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Daughter fell ill December 2019 this resulted in slowly feeling more and more tired. We went into covid lockdown in March. Daughter then suffered with covid toes for weeks. After this the exhausted was becoming worse and worse. Prior to … More her illness, she was an elite swimmers and had been selected into the national team. During lockdown she wasn't able to swim but altered her training to a land based exercise. However, as the weeks passed she still showing signs of fatigue and struggling to exercise. She spent most of her days laying on the sofa. In July, when lockdowns were lifted, she went vack to her swim club, but she was getting dizzy, tightness and tinglibg in her arms and legs. She was becoming extremely anxious in social situations. Her health was declining, she didn't want eat, exercise, go to school. After many gp visits and blood test, which we were told were normal. We asked to see copies of her results, we could see that her iron/ferritin reading were very low. The Gps were reluctant to provide Gracie with iron tablets as although readings were low they were slightly with the acceptable parameters. We felt that her symptoms were overlooked because the numbers on her tests were slightly in acceptable range. She was bed ridden at ti's point. We insisted that the Gp provide iron tablets, which over a period of 12 months she was taken 3 ferrous fumarate tablets a day. These made very little difference.By this pont Gracie was no longer able to attend school, struggling to shower, was hair change her clothes and even eat a meal. She had lost over a stone in weight.We contacted Dr Andrew Klein, who confirmed Gracie had low Iron after seeing copies of Gracies blood test results.Although, he was not able to treat Gracie until she was 16. We waited for years for Gracie to see Dr Klien. With still no acknowledgement from our welsh NHS service that she had low Iron.Dr Klein treated Gracie for both iron and b12 deficiency.Since having her infusion she is no longer bed ridden on a daily basis is. She has started College, returned to swimming. She is still not swimming at the level she used to. She is able shower, wash her hair. She even enjoys a walk with her dog.Its imported to note, this has not been a miracle cure for Gracie and still suffers the effects of either long covid or ME/chronic fatigue. However, if we had left it in the hands of our local Gp I bear bear thinking about where Gracie would be now. She is I different child to that time.We will forever be grateful to Dr Klein and his wonderful nurse for the care support and patience they gave Gracie. She was certainly not the easiest patient to treat. Due to Gracie's extreme fear of needles. Which only goes to show how ill Gracie was and her determination to do anything to make herself feel better. I'm sure Dr Klein will always remember is experience with Gracie.We hope this review helps others and convinces people to check there own results. Gracie ferritin reading was 32ugl on 3 iron tablets and is now over 200ugl. Without a shadow of a doubt without this iron infusion she would still he bed ridden, probably suffering anorexia, due to not eating and extreme anxiety/mental health issue.She was 12 when she first became ill and 16 when treated thankfully by Dr Klein.
  • Avatar Mariana Fazenda ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Amazing service. I felt head and so well taken care of Dr Klein was amazing, explain me everything and his nurse working with him that day was the sweetest! I wish women were always taken care of like this